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How to pack your rucksack for a trek is a very important thing. Hope you have arranged all the things which are essential for your trek. Successful Trekking or which essentials you should carry depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors are the number of days you are trekking for, altitude of trekking and also on the environment you choose, the weather conditions etc. You will need to take your equipment according to the nature of your trek. So there is a lot of things you need to carry. You just can’t dumping all the things in your rucksack. You must know how to pack your rucksack for a trek systematically.

Why Proper Packing Of Rucksack Is Important?

Weight distribution is the main thing while you packing your rucksack. If you pack your rucksack correctly or systematically, it will distribute the weight of the things correctly and maintain center of gravity properly. It will also ensure you to have an easy access to the items you’ll need during the day or in an emergency. If you pack too much heavy equipment towards the front of your bag, it will pull you backwards as you walk. Trekking up hills is difficult. And if you put too much weight on any side, you’ll be pulled to the heavier side and walking will be more difficult.

There is another reason why you should pack your rucksack systematically. It will give you easy access to your essential stuff. Thus you will save time and your energy also. If you pack smartly then comfort and stability needn’t be compromised for the sake of convenience.

So we can say that there is two main reasons for packing properly 1)Comfort and stability 2) Convenience

How to pack your rucksack for a  trek-Trek Adda

Proper Way To Pack Your Rucksack

A systematically or properly packed rucksack will feel balanced when you resting and it won’t shift or sway as you hike with it. And it also ensures maximum comfort and an easy access to the items which you may need frequently.

You need different items to pack for different seasons and route. And here are some basic idea of how to pack a rucksack for comfort, stability and convenience and it is applicable for any types of trekking.

Frequently used items

Keep the items that you may need frequently in the top or side pockets as It will give you very easy access. Don’t keep these in the main compartment of your bag

Bellow is a list of some common items that you may need frequently

  • Pocket knife
  • Map
  • Compass
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Water

Lighter items

Keep lighter items that you do not need frequently in the main compartment but further away from your back. These items may include

  • Personal toiletries
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Rain wear
  • Feather or hollow fill jacket
  • First aid kits and medicines
  • Any other light weight things as your choice

Heavier items

Keep heavier items in the main compartment close to the center of your back. Because placing the heavier items close to the center of your back will keeps the center of gravity close to your body. As a result, this will prevents the weight from pulling you backwards and also helps to reduce instability. These items may be as bellows

  • Tent
  • Cooking equipment and utensils
  • Main meals

Items not used frequently

Keep those items at the very bottom of the main compartment that you don’t use frequently or that you will not even require normally during the time you are trekking in the day. Some of those items are

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Extra clothing (Fleece, sweater, underwear, socks, towel)

*You may strap Sleeping bag and Sleeping mat outside of your rucksack if there is a provision of it. And thus you will get some extra space in your main compartment.

Items to be packed outside of your rucksack

Take items bellow in side pockets or fasten with gear loops as they are not suitable to fit in main compartment

  • Water bottle (In side pocket)
  • Solar charger (Outside top of your sack)
  • Ice axe (In gear loops)
  • Crampon((In gear loops)
  • Large sleeping mat (In gear loops)

Note : Put your sack down on the floor to check that you’ve packed your sack properly. If the bag falls to any side means the weight isn’t evenly distributed on each side and the load will need adjusting. And If the bag falls onto its front, with the straps up in the air, means you have too much weight towards the front of your bag which will mean that the load pulls you back as you walk.

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